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May 21, 2013
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[RosetteA]: Tsunde-Rain by michii-ruu [RosetteA]: Tsunde-Rain by michii-ruu
GAWD :iconnosebleedsplz:

almost died in bloodloss

Rain chuu.... is done la~

OTL shur lovely headshot. GLORIOUS!!!

Added the Bio with my super horrible story writing...:iconminghideplz: Also Added Weapons, Combat ability and Relationships

I Roleplay via:

=Skype: Pyo-chama
=sometimes; on DA Chat

◊Fenrir, Rain Lorenz

♚Student Council Position:
Walking CCTV and Anemic Stalker Historian

◊Music Club Forced Chairman (likethefucksomeone'sgoingtojoinhisclub:iconmingcryplz:)

◊17 years old

◊Male || ♂

◊August 22nd, 2034

♚Blood Type:

◊Legendary Monster: Fenris

◊Grey Rose

◊Void Asylum Key- (special) His customized key that he got from his father. Void Asylum allows an access to the world of Anti-mages, the Asylum and works similarly to any dimensional keys. This key has also the ability to undo the effect of the genome on a person and can transform into a weapon the user wishes.

◊Key of Gaia- (3rd Tier) This was from Charzen, Darkstone's Chairman and Arisa's father. This was given to him when Charzen suggested for him to transfer to Rosette.

Void Project Zer0-A Technique created to "cancel out" any form of magical and spiritual attacks or "things" that are said to be out of human bounds. A type of anti-mage technique that makes use the physical attributes of the user instead of magical circuits. It's effective against, summons, barriers and in any form of stack magic buffs as well as eliminating illusions. Since it doesn't consume magic when executed, it feeds up on the user's physical stamina which causes endurance drain. Provided with the additional power-up sword, Ethaer Desolator, the user can perform a magic exorcism technique to permanently remove the magical ability of an individual.
>◊Fission- The first level of Void Project Zer0. In fission state, the user is enabled to delay and banish magical attacks as well as cleanse him from any sort of magical buffs enchanted on him. In order to nullify the attack, the person must physically destroy it.

◊Fusion- Secondary Void state. Under the Fusion level, user is enabled to absorbed magical excess left out after the casting banishment. By doing so, the user's physical stats are increased into double.

◊Resonance- Allows the user to consume the Lightning and Thunder material. This turns them to have full immunity in this natural element. Once eaten, the user can thoroughly use them, drawing out the energy directly from the physical stamina or through the magic consumed in fusion mode.

◊Harmonics- N/A

◊King's Authority- This was an inherited ability that probably was not nullified even he is under the Void Project. The Kings authority allows the user to command any living thing provided they are below the "Kings" Level. Rain is unaware of this ability, and can come out unknowingly. This usually happens when he command the officers in the Agency.

◊Hunter Sight- Due to having a hunter attribute by blood, his left eye was given sharp and accurate perception, allowing him to spot fast pace moving attacks and things as well as the gift of Clairvoyance.


◊Ethereal Desolator (also; Aither Desolator)- a 6 feet 2 inch length sword created from an unknown material that can be drawn out from mineral substances. The sword is by far indestructible by magic and has some sort of familiarity principles, where as, it can only be used under the user's hands only.

♚Combat Ability:

◊Rain is an offensive close-range to mid-range and a counter-attack player who relies on his wits and tactics rather than his abilities. His emotional turbulence often gets in the way in terms of team and group fights especially when he's grouped with people he "dislikes" really.

◊Magic Immunity (both threat and safe magic) and inhuman abilities (spiritual, power kinetic)
◊Lightning and Electricity immunity (natural)
◊Strong against magic, inhuman individuals
◊His Wits and Tactics (this is where your brain as a TENSAI goes)
◊High-Accuracy Sense
◊Incomparable knowledge of human anatomy (this is where your geeky-nesh goes, striking down an enemy in a single blow by targeting a vital part)
◊Illusion immunity

◊Low Physical resistance and endurance
◊No Magic supply
◊Mechanical/robotic enemies who uses ammunition and physical strength
◊He cannot negate God powers (pure gods) and physical attributes (strength, speed, flex and agility.)
◊VP0 requires him to pay depending on the extremity of use. He usually suffers in insomnia or sleeping for days, severe case of high fever
◊His Anti-magic ability relies in his sword
◊He can only extinguish an attack using his sword or right hand and single target effective
◊His extreme abilities under VP0 can only be attained if there is enough magic excess consumed

◊Independent and Responsible
◊Crowd awkward and absorbed (not withdrawn)
◊Gets annoyed easily
◊No nonsense person
◊Idon’tgiveadamnatyourshit person
◊Has no anger management
◊Lone wolf type
◊Selfless and considers other people's need first before his own.
◊Doesn't mind being bullied by people but he can take his revenge into a whole new level once provoked.
◊He gets angry when other guys think anything lewd about women. As he thinks it’s disgusting and a sign of disrespects to . . . mothers.
◊A neat freak and a workaholic weirdo who likes to work under pressure but ends up complaining about his job.
◊Llikes to form/start arguments when he gets annoyed by people.
◊Complains on a lot of things, especially when these don’t go on the way that he thinks should be.
◊Impulsive and Choleric and throws tantrums if he feels like it.
◊Has the habit of exaggerating situations to an unexpected manner that he would rather freaks/spazzes out.
◊Degrades himself and often blames his own when things go wrong between him and his friends.
◊Has fear on advancing to a girl, but he can be aggressive when he gets provoked. (all it takes is when a girl starts hurting him //slapped)

◊Any work as long as he got to do his work with Arisa
◊Listening to music and being dragged into its hidden emotions.
◊Composing songs and playing instruments
◊Inventing stuffs (usually communication-related devices)
◊Hiding in dark places
◊Hacking sites
◊Stalking the CCTV Department

◊Anything that is not disgusting and is not part of any weird fetishes.
◊Being invisible and unseen
◊Plan getting well and working alone
◊Finishing his work on time
◊Mathematics and Technology
◊Underrated things that he thinks must opt to get some appreciation

◊Jay and Dethrix
◊Shrimp, he has allergies unto it
◊Noise and being disturbed, being trolled and center of ridiculous things
◊annoying people
◊being the center of attention
◊being too main stream
◊turning courses/altering his plans.
◊Being followed by annoying vetches and people who doesn’t know how to mind their own business
◊People who thinks they’re life storeh is the greatest piece ever written
◊Pathetic people who wanna be his Troll’s cousin friends. They are disgusting and complete nuisances.
◊Other people’s frickin’ problems.
◊His white hair and his annoying heterochromatic eyes
◊Anything Academic related and school
◊Jeweline, the headmistress and her "games"

◊Creative Arts
◊Physical Education

♚Personal Quote/s:
◊ “Advancement can only be attained by defying the basic constant reality laws. By having a fresh take in of ideas, we might be able to lift up the world.”
◊ “I don’t see the sense why we should be studying. We will all end up into an ailien this society wants us to be. Not the person that we choose to be.”
◊ “Like I frickin’ care. . .”
◊ “I got two words for you, GET OUT!”
◊ “Leave me alone, Nuisance!”

◊Rain's mother was a nurse that used to work in a public hospital in their local area, who fell in love with the physician in the name of Romero. When she was about to give labor to his son (1 month before) the doctor has mysteriously disappeared, leaving her alone to take care of the child in the future. During the night she gave birth to him, she died eventually leaving Rain to his older sister with a weird biochemical genome.

Rain's foster family has a normal day-to-day life. They have normal economic status and was utmost happy and cheerful all the time. His foster father part-timely works as a construction worker, while his mother is a laundry washer in their place. He has one older sister and a younger one whom he does went all okay with.

When he was around 7, a mysterious incident happened in the place where his father used to work. There, his father died in a strange fire that caught the neighboring households and construction where he works. This forced his foster mother to work eagerly to make both ends meet for the children, and Rain, as the sole guy in the family has to help by aiding his mother in the chores in their local area.

He was 8 when he started to go to school but his work and age doesn't hinder his education. Mostly absent due to his duties or lack of money, he tries to compensate his education by reading and researching in advance and develop new things and ideals secretly. On the other side, his older sister seeing their family suffer in poverty decided to use their father's pension money to work abroad.

Rain was 10 years old when a special examination was given to exemplary students in his elementary school. One of the teachers secretly sent in his name, allowing him to take the test even if he doesn't know anything about it. Thinking it was just another educational buffs, he gave in and gave it a try.

A few months passed and a letter arrived in his gates saying that he had passed an exam and he is entitled to go to Kurosaki International Science High School. He was quite hesitant of accepting the fact of studying abroad, even if his tuition, books and lounges are all free under government charge. However, in certain turn of events, his aunt arrived and pursued him to go to Japan, just to have his son company when he started going to school.

His middle school life was hard. Being a foreign student he experienced different sort of bullying. Regardless of the hardships studying abroad, he kept himself unmindful of all the pain but developed withdrawal afterwards. Rain became cold and apathetic, to the point of not having emotional response every time he gets hurt or bullied. He refused to go to school, and got himself confined most of the time. He doesn't attend his classes and has completely withdrawn out from his classmates. However, he spent his time concealing inside the schools' old computer laboratory developing new technological means. Nevertheless, it was kept secret to anyone.

A few months later, he was asked to go to the Chairman's office regarding his school performance. he was asked what he is going all the time, and why he was not attending his school anymore. Bored at the nagging, he asked the chairman to come with him and showed the chairman a device that can create virtual reality. Shocked and has some feeling of doubt, the chairman challenged him to develop something inside 6 months, and if he passed, he's free to accelerate his education.

After 5 months he appeared in front of the chairman, presenting his new development. A major innovation from the last invention he made. The School faculty was in awe, and decided to accelerate him in High School.

Rain returned back to his home country and entered High school at 15. As usual, he is bored of attending his classes, but thinking about his family and his mom, he endured going into school even if it bores him a lot.

"We are educated to bring forth the future of humanity right? But what is the use of studying our butt off if our lives will all be directed by the society's traditional ideals. Unless we make our own ideals, we cannot advance into the future that each of us wants to be."

Silence filled the school halls afterwards his quotes. Rain was later expelled in his school and stopped schooling for 2 years. He was 17 when he transferred to Darkstone in the middle of July (in the Philippines, school starts at June). However, things doesn't went well on his first day as he was almost killed by attempting to rescue Arisa from an attack.

He woke up another day slowly acknowledging the fact that he was revived by using an unknown Biochemical Genome that served as his life source. . .

Charzen, The school chairman, later on told him to enroll instead to Rosette by giving him a key towards that dimension. He is in faith that in there, Rain might find the answers in his own questions and would slowly accept the fact of him not being human anymore.

◊Kaji, Yuki:… || Ouma, Shu/Eren Jaeger

♚Fun Facts:
◊Rain has no powers ever since birth and is utmost human in all aspect, with the exception of his eyesight which are way to sharp.
◊The reason why he has no powers was because the sword where the Fenrir monster was sealed was embedded inside his body. Thus, it ate all the spiritual aspect Rain has, making him human and powerless. How it was embedded remains a mystery.
◊He attained the Void Project through the biochemical genome left by his mother. It was used to revive him.
◊His Eyes and hair are natural, he has that ever since birth
◊Is a good singer and plays instruments very well (trust me)
◊He hated the white part of his hair, as well as his multicolored eyes that he inherited genetically. (Yellow eyes, white hair Fenrir bloodline physical appearance)
◊ His average IQ is 220 and can perfectly answer a long quiz within a matter of minutes.
◊He has a severe case of anemia, causing his body to fall under the malnourished borderline
◊He applied for classes without Magic related so he can pass
◊Physical Education is his most hated subject, but joined because Iza joined and he is afraid that the new “Flirt” Teacher will advance to his waifu~
◊He is a TSUNDERE!
◊He has stalker-ish tendencies, but keeps it at minimal
◊He has the whole school surveillance by the use of his communicators and advance Personal Computer on the go. Holographic MODE!
◊He denies the fact that he cares, but actually he gets affected easily by emotional waves of people. Though he derps out on it.

Luna, Arisa: Girlfriend, Lover and Team partner
Chrono, Dethrix: Cousin (father side)
Kuroi, Nina: Guardian (#Rosetta-Agency Vice Commander)

♚Facebook/Ask Account:

Rain and Art by *michii-ruu
#Rosette-Academy by ~nhiaChan
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Rainrain, Asha wanted to talk to you.

Asha: Auhmmm.... Rain. . . can I ask you something?
michii-ruu Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay la

:iconrainrainplz::iconsaysplz: //opens the door of the clubroom// :iconorekiurghplz: Yes, what is it?
Asha: Uhm Rain... I have to ask you something... personal. If it is alright.
michii-ruu Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconrainrainplz::iconsaysplz: Oh come one, spit it out. //looks at his watch// Okay, let me see.
Asha: Rain, when you... started courting Iza before.... what exactly do you feel?
michii-ruu Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconrainrainplz::iconsaysplz: :iconwthimblushingplz: What the heck is with that sudden question :iconirisuplz: Well, eto... it's a feeling that hard to explain. You see. Love is not something that can be called as any normal feeling. //scratches head// There is no legit explanation how you feel when you get struck by cupids arrow. But here are some things that you might consider when you are in love. You cannot sleep, you keep on thinking about that person, you get fascinated by their actions easily, you get interested on how they think and act, you started to reflect their actions on yourself. Everyday, you try to be the same person like the one you feel in love with. It's a complicated process, and I tried the most rational way possible to give an explanation.
Asha: //stares in nothingness and falls short out of her consciousness// OH! //gets a piece of paper and lists what Rain has said// When you first met her, what exactly did you feel.
michii-ruu Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconrainrainplz::iconsaysplz: Null. Void. Zero. :iconyuukoplz:

It felt right.... the earth has stopped rotating. The time became absolute. and my IQ dropped down from tensai to baka. :iconrawrblushplz:What am I even talking about?
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:iconangelangelplz::iconsaysplz: Rain-kun, may I join your music club? I just love to sing and play the piano, but I understand if I can't :iconarigatouplz:
michii-ruu Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconrainrainplz::iconsaysplz: :iconmiofacepalmniplz: and who exactly are you?
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